EUTech Award edition 2023!

There is a technical solution for every problem in the society!

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Secondary Education
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On this page, we will introduce the toolboxes concept:

The tooloboxes are developed for teachers to introduce the technology modules for students from primary (5th and 6th grade) and secondary (1st and 2nd grade). 7 technologies are available: Cogneneration, Windturbine, Hydraulic, Hydrogen, IA, Sunpower, Storage.

In each technology link, teacher will find:

  • A teacher guideline where all the information needed to make a course are available included example of demonstration/cases and references
  • A PowerPoint for the student that can be re-worked by the teacher.

English version:
Toolbox Eutech - Heat and Power 
Toolbox Eutech - Wind Energy 
Toolbox Eutech - Hydro-electric Energy 
Toolbox Eutech - Hydrogen and the Fuel Cell 
Toolbox Eutech - Artificial Intelligence 
Toolbox Eutech - Solar Energy 
Toolbox Eutech - Energy storage 

French version:
Toolbox Eutech - Cogeneration 
Toolbox Eutech - Eolien 
Toolbox Eutech - Hydraulique 
Toolbox Eutech - Hydrogen 
Toolbox Eutech - L’Intelligence Artificielle 
Toolbox Eutech - Solaire 
Toolbox Eutech - Stockage