The Euregional Technology Award consists of the following three parts:

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1. Preliminaries: January - March 2022

During the preliminaries the students get an entirely catered guest lesson in which they have the opportunity to create innovative inventions to solve themed challenges in small teams. They sign up their ideas on our website with a clear description and a sketch, after which they may collect as many votes as possible. In the first week of March 2019 it is announced which classes will participate and ultimately challenge each other at the final event.

2. Final event: April, 2022

Catered bus transportation, swirling workshops and a nice lunch form the beginning of this great day. After an exciting assignment it’s time for ‘the real thing’: the Technology Quiz. All points the jury assigned are accumulated and will decide who will be the final winner! Besides a nice prize the entire class receives an amazing master class of Industrial Design. Of course everyone will be brought back at the end.

3. Post-trajectory: May, 2022

During the master class Industrial Design the students will work at the Spark Tech Lab in Weert (NL). Here they transform their idea into a real invention together with a real industrial designer! The official (virtual) exposition of the products the students learn to make in this master class will be the final part of the Euregional Technology Award.

Schematic representation of the Euregional Technology Award

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