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The idea

You build a huge box, plant many trees and plants in it and let the smoke inside of the box, so the trees/plants can clean the smoke and turn it into clean air which you can release again.

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Welk technisch onderwerp kun je linken aan jullie idee?
Hoe zijn jullie op dit idee gekomen?
I thinked about a cave, where you store the smoke but then Johnathan a helper helped me improve my idea and that's how we came up with this idea
Welk probleem lossen jullie op met jullie idee?
My idea will help the world so that there is less smoke in the air but more clean air.
Hoe ziet jullie idee er uit?
There is a big Box (made out of iron or something like that) with a pipe on the side. You pump the smoke in and let the trees/plants clean the air. After the air is cleaned you let it free again.
Hoe werkt jullie idee?
The prodused smoke gets pumped into the Box trough the pipe. In the Box are trees and plants which turn the smoke into clean air that gets released again.
Waardoor kan jullie uitvinding zo werken?
The trees turn the co2 into oxygen.
Welke materialen hebben jullie nodig om het idee te laten werken?
Iron, water and pipes.
Waarom deze materialen? OF Waarom geen andere materialen?
Because its waterproof and doesn't fly away when it's windy.
Wat hebben jullie uitgevonden?
An aircleaner, which is natural.
Waarom hebben jullie hiervoor gekozen?
Because the smoke and global heating is a big problem in our society.
Voor wie is jullie uitvinding bedoeld? Waarom juist voor deze mensen?
For everyone because everyone has something of it.
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Hans-Christian Schweiker

1 year ago

Very good idea