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The idea

It is a chronometer that consider the flow of water( on /off).Before shower you precise if you are a boy or a girl and if you wash your hair or not. the device is now programmed for a certain period of time. it sounds loudwhen timing is over .

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More info

Welk technisch onderwerp kun je linken aan jullie idee?
Hoe zijn jullie op dit idee gekomen?
we never realise that we are so long in the shower.
Welk probleem lossen jullie op met jullie idee?
the timer sounds to inform us that it is already a long time we are taking our shower
Hoe ziet jullie idee er uit?
it is a kind of touchscreen not bigger than a calculator. there suction pads to sticks on Walls while using and to windows while charging.
Hoe werkt jullie idee?
The device works like an electrical chronometer.
Waardoor kan jullie uitvinding zo werken?
there is a battery but also solar panels.
Welke materialen hebben jullie nodig om het idee te laten werken?
steal, glass,...
Waarom deze materialen? OF Waarom geen andere materialen?
classical materails for a chronometer
Wat hebben jullie uitgevonden?
A device that we can stick on our shower's wall mesuring the time considering the flow of water. The devices take into account if you are a boy or a girl and if you wash your hair or not . There are different timings. When the timing is over it sounds loud. When you Don't take a shower you can charge it by sticking it on the window.
Waarom hebben jullie hiervoor gekozen?
to avoid water waste in daily habits
Voor wie is jullie uitvinding bedoeld? Waarom juist voor deze mensen?
for all the people that take a too much time in the shower and that Don't realise the passing time.
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