Plastic and paper waste

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The idea

Our idea is a compresser for plastic and a paper cutter so you can erase all the ink And with the plasit compresser you put plastic in and it will compress it to simple blocks for kids to play with

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Welk technisch onderwerp kun je linken aan jullie idee?
Hoe zijn jullie op dit idee gekomen?
Because we thought why do we always throw paper and plastic away? If we can recycle it ourselves
Welk probleem lossen jullie op met jullie idee?
The plastic in the sea and save animals
Hoe ziet jullie idee er uit?
A box where you put all those things in and it works on sunpower
Hoe werkt jullie idee?
You put the plastic in and it will recycle it and slice the paper
Waardoor kan jullie uitvinding zo werken?
Because if we build it we will supervise it and optimalise it until it works perfectly
Welke materialen hebben jullie nodig om het idee te laten werken?
Metal Slice Compresser
Waarom deze materialen? OF Waarom geen andere materialen?
So its on its optimal strength and you can use it easily
Wat hebben jullie uitgevonden?
A machine that can cut a really thin piece of paper so the ink is gone and you can use it again and on the other side of the machine you can put plastic in and the plastic gets compressed to little blocks where kids (2-6) can play with
Waarom hebben jullie hiervoor gekozen?
Because it is compact and easy to use but still very useful
Voor wie is jullie uitvinding bedoeld? Waarom juist voor deze mensen?
Everyone can use it because it isnt big and it can be stored easy
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