Getting rid of the plastic sea

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The idea

the idea is to make a robot cleaning the plastic out of our sea. This robot will work on solar energy. in case there'd be an emergency this robot will ofcourse be chargeable with a cable as well. our robot wil clean the sea using nets and eventually all of the plastic will be returned to one place.

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Welk technisch onderwerp kun je linken aan jullie idee?
Hoe zijn jullie op dit idee gekomen?
We wanted to decrease the plastic in the oceans. since it is such a big problem not only for us but to all life in and around the sea. If our rubbish is not to be cleaned we are going to be living in it the more time progresses.
Welk probleem lossen jullie op met jullie idee?
when we decrease the amount of plastic in the oceans the fish won't be eating this huge amount of damaging and unhealthy factory made rubbish. And as concerned as we are about life in the sea, we humans eat plastic all the time to. by consuming the fish we consume the plastic they have digested, you may not see or be aware of it but plastic can get very very small. meaning that there is absolutely no way to not eat it.
Hoe ziet jullie idee er uit?
Our idea is an animal-safe robot. It will clean up the mess humaty made of our waters. eventhough we need the sea we keep polluting it by effortlessly throwing plastic onto the streaats where its destination will be the plastic sea. with our idea we jope to clean this.
Hoe werkt jullie idee?
The robot has two cameras as eyes, So people are able to see what the robot does. The robot intends to suck up the plastic into inbuild nets. We would use a color that stands out and is not attracting so fish won't get stuck in the robot. furthermore the robot uses peddals to move. It sould be able to move smoothly and pick up the plastic effortlessly.
Waardoor kan jullie uitvinding zo werken?
We thought this was a great idea because when you'd go with a boat and nets animals might get stuck them. this way we wanted to prevent that from happening. however this can be used in every polluted water there is.
Welke materialen hebben jullie nodig om het idee te laten werken?
We on recommendation of a friend thought to use hardsteel.
Waarom deze materialen? OF Waarom geen andere materialen?
We of course do not want to use plastic since that would go greatly against what we are trying to solve. furthermore the used material should ofcourse be able to withstand the water.
Wat hebben jullie uitgevonden?
a robot that sucks the polluting plastic out of our waters. Thereby saving lots of animals digesting the dangerous plastic.
Waarom hebben jullie hiervoor gekozen?
because this is a big problem and scientists have been trying to solve it for a long time now. With this idea we would love to help solve this problem. Our ideas might spark up better and greater ideas. by doing thhis project we bring awareness while also thinking of an idea to clean our beloved waters.
Voor wie is jullie uitvinding bedoeld? Waarom juist voor deze mensen?
Our invention is ofcourse helpfull for humans, but it was mainly built foor the protection of dying animal species and fish in general. We would love to sea our seas full of healthy animals whose lives bloom in the water.
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