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The idea

n a toilet, or when being fertilized outside. Are there often bad smells in your house? We want to design, a fan / air conditioning. That air filtered, and then also spread a nice smell. And also generate extra energy! There is also a wifi connection here. Making it with your phone. Or better said, with your google home or alexa, you can operate! And it works with solar panels

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Welk technisch onderwerp kun je linken aan jullie idee?
Hoe zijn jullie op dit idee gekomen?
By looking to ourselves, what our struggles are on a day.
Welk probleem lossen jullie op met jullie idee?
The bad smell in houses
Hoe ziet jullie idee er uit?
Like a fan, or a airconditioning in the wall
Hoe werkt jullie idee?
Our idea, is working like this: 1. Put the solar panel somewhere were is sun 2. Program when the fan/airconditionar has to start and to end. Chose a nice smell for on the end 3. Wait for it 4. You have a nice smell When the fan is turning, it wakes energy, to for example charges your phone. And when there is not enough sun, it can also be used as a own energy source
Waardoor kan jullie uitvinding zo werken?
Because of the turning power, it can wake energy on
Wat hebben jullie uitgevonden?
A fan/airconditioning on solar light Which Filters bad smell And while it is doing that, you also can charge your phone, by the turning power
Waarom hebben jullie hiervoor gekozen?
It is easy for every person in life!!!!!!!!!
Voor wie is jullie uitvinding bedoeld? Waarom juist voor deze mensen?
Everyone, because everyone has sometimes a bad smell in house
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Rim Mullers

2 years ago

Laat Yves en jesper winnen